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Halloween Isn’t Just For Kids Anymore

Halloween Isn’t Just For Kids Anymore September 22, 2016 by Taylor Thomas It's not news that adults have stolen Halloween; the holiday has been rapidly coming of age for years now.

To be fair, the origins of All Hallows’ Eve never seemed all that child-friendly to begin with. What started as a sacred holiday has transformed multiple times: from sacred to spooky, spooky to silly, silly to secular, and finally, secular to sexy. Every element of Halloween has grown up:

Pumpkins When I think of Halloween, the first symbol I think of is pumpkins. While carving orange squash with kitchen knives into jack-o-lanterns has always arguably been an adult undertaking, the new norm of pumpkin carving as an art form is clearly a grownup’s game. What used to be primarily a medium for crooked-teeth and triangle-eyed faces has made way for amazing artistic creations covering the entire art landscape.Halloween adult costume Costumes I’ll spare you the typical “adultification of Halloween costumes” diatribe;